A Digital Identity for the Faroe Islands

In 2015 The Faroe Islands Government launched a digitalization initiative with the purpose to establish a digital identity, a digital signature, data exchange, a citizen portal and to modernize basic registries in the Faroe Islands.

In collaboration with the The National Digitalisation Programme of the Faroe Islands (Talgildu Føroyar), Klintra and Faroese Telecom, as a consortium, developed The Digital Identity (Samleikin) solution. The Digital Identity is the solution to a secure identity for authentication and signature in the Faroese Society – for all citizens and industries, to be used by all providers of digital services both public and private.

The Digital Identity will give access to personal data – e.g. Tax and health information and can be used for digital signage. Examples: Banking, medical appointments, applications for rodent extermination, buying a house or applying for university. Everything is accessible through the same portal with the digital identity.

The e-ID and Digital Services will be launched in early in 2020.


The solution consists of three pillars: a PKI system, a SAML2 Identity Provider and a custom workflow based RA system. The RA application processes applications for digital identities and in this process the RA application interacts with the PKI and IdP system and a range of national registries as well as a cloud-based identity proofing service.

The solution is based on open-source software whenever possible and vendor lock-in is very limited. Best-of-breed components from different vendors are selected in the various areas of the solution. There are a number of innovative elements - among them online enrolment using a Smartphone app where the aim is to issue digital identies with level of assurance ‘substantial' without requiring the applicant being physically present.

Main platform technologies

  • RedHat Linux

  • MariaDB

  • Wildfly

  • Java

  • Spring Boot

Main application technologies

  • Primekey EJBCA

  • Nexus Personal Mobile SDK

  • Onfido SDK

  • Flowable

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